About Us

We as IMPERDIBLE stand for the safety and happiness for women.

Every woman should feel beautiful, confident and safe in her way of dressing and wearing her choice of jewellery. Some prefer to wear just one simple pair of earrings and some have their whole ear full with piercings and earings.

Our jewellery is a match with every skin tone because when we’re thinking about diversity, it is a reality that should be deeply felt and held and valued by all of us.

“The safety pin is our way to symbolise safety for women’’

Some women prefer to walk in comfy clothes every day.
Unlike other women who can easily rock high heels every day.
We think that women should have a free choice when it comes to choosing how they want to dress or add accessories to their outfits.

Because you make the choice to choose your style

Which jewellery do you need with your skin tone?

Our jewellery is a perfect match with every skin tone. And that is how we clarify diversity.

The latest imperdible trends

Wij houden ons bezig met de nieuwste trends. Dit kan je ook terug vinden in onze gevarieerde collectie.

Endless combinationsn

Dare to combine our jewellery with eachother. Nothing is crazy enough for us.